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BC Black – Living Cannabis – Triple OG – 3.5g


Species : INDICA
Brand : BC Black
THC : 0 %
CBD : 0 %
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The holistic and regenerative growing methods utilized by Indigenous growers, Living Cannabis, have been honed for over 40 years as they produced cannabis for compassion clubs. Live, organic inputs into the soil fill it with nutrients and give the plants at Living Cannabis optimal conditions to thrive. These same growing methods are responsible for the super terpy flavour and dank aroma usually only found in the sun drenched fields of the Emerald Triangle in California. Triple OG, grown by Living Cannabis and bred by Exotic Genetix, is a strong Kush originating from Florida. This highly potent indica is best for experienced consumers. Triple OG gets its name from Triangle Kush, Constantine Kush and Master Yoda. Triple OG has healthy green hues speckled with milky trichomes and interspersed with burnt orange pistils. With a nose of skunk, earth, and pine, this cultivar has been a favourite of BC connoisseurs for years.

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