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PINNRZ – Blue & Yellow Mixtape Pre-Roll (14-Pack) – 14×0.25g


Species : BLEND
Brand : PINNRZ
THC : 0 %
CBD : 0 %
Terpene :

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The PINNRZ™ Mixtape is a convenient 14 pack of 7 PINNRZ™ Yellow and 7 PINNRZ™ Blue 0.25g high-THC slim pre-rolls. Loaded with our classic fruity and gassy flavours, our Mixtape of handcrafted slim pre-rolls lets you choose from 2 of our signature blends. Each 0.25g PINNR™ is evenly packed with hand-selected premium cannabis blends in classic white rolling papers, machine-milled and carefully hand-twisted by our crew of PINGINEERS in Bowmanville, Ontario, to preserve freshness, flavour, and quality. PINNRZ™ are THE authentic and iconic slim pre-rolls.

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