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Kolab Project – 232-S Series Live Rosin Sticks – 3×0.5g


Species : INDICA
Brand : Kolab Project
THC : 0 %
CBD : 0 %
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These Kolab Project 232-S Series Live Rosin Sticks are a prismatic reflection of the quality of the input – a mix of high-grade augmented flower and live rosin. Our premium bud is gently worked in a proprietary collision extraction process before being combined with live rosin, a solventless concentrate with high THC potency and a total terpene content of up to 4.5%. Delivering high levels of beta-caryophyllene, these Live Rosin Sticks are both spicy and sweet with notes of cinnamon and cloves. Through the development of proprietary processes, this product pushes the boundaries of cannabis innovation to create a unique, natural and solventless experience. Each stick is freshness sealed within an individual, recyclable tube and housed in biodegradable packaging. 232°C is the mid-range temperature that maximizes the flavour profile and natural expression of the plant. We use ‘232’ to define excellence, and intention; 232 is the broad spectrum of cannabis potential, actualized.

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